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Explore the videos and learn more about a career in recruitment and why you should focus on what you have, not what you think you need to succeed in this career.

What is Recruitment?

What does a recruiter actually do?

How do recruiters make their money?

No idea, no worries

No experience, your drive is what counts

I want my independence

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Level 1: Understand

It’s time for training! Watch the videos, answers the questions and become even more ready for your new career. Knowledge is power! Duration: 5 minutes

Level 2: Create

Complete your profile, pass the assessment and show multiple employers that you are ready for this career. It’s much better than a CV! Duration: 10 minutes

Level 3: Showcase

A 1-minute video is the easiest way to achieve multiple interviews on your platform. Video is the future! Duration: 15 minutes