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Immediate Engagement To Reward Your Commitment

We are the only platform that engages every single person who wants to take on the challenge of becoming a trainee recruiter from the very first second. You will need training, advice, and confidence to achieve success. We are ready for you.

Feedback Guaranteed For Everyone

This is our promise to you and is unheard of anywhere else. When you trust our NEW ‘performance-based’ career process and our team will give you advice, support to get you ‘business ready’. Even if you don’t pass we will give you ideas on careers and approach so you improve and get the job you deserve.

One Process, Multiple Employers Ready

Spend 15 minutes with us and make more progress in your career process than anywhere else online. Once your profile and video are approved you are presented to the very best employers who will request you for an interview immediately because they know you have the mindset for success.

Shave up to a week off your hiring process.

By the time they reach the platform candidates would have been through a pretty rigorous screening and testing program, meaning they’re committed to a recruitment role and ready to interview. Saving you a huge amount of time. By aggregating candidates from multiple channels, we give you huge coverage at a fraction of the cost.

Meet Your Dashboard

Simple, Intuitive workflow means you can control the whole hiring process through TalentFunnel. TalentFunnel’s inbuilt Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to control and manage your selected candidates. It’s a doddle. Supercharge your hiring decisions. Save time, money and your sanity.

Never sift through mountains of CV’s again.

Our platform is the only place to find pre-screened, pre-assessed people looking to start their recruitment career. Saving you stacks of time.

TalentFunnel Dashboard
TalentFunnel Dashboard

Start a conversation, schedule interviews all at the press of a button.

TalentFunnel’s Applicant tracking system allows you to manage your trainee recruitment process in one place.

Why go anywhere else?

With a simple dashboard showing wannabe recruitment talent aggregated from over 20 channels. We do the legwork so you don't have to. Slashing your hiring costs.

TalentFunnel Dashboard

Motivated People, ready to interview. Hire Differently

Marketplace Best for growing businesses

Raw recruitment talent. Looking for their chance.

How many recruiters sat in school and said, “When I grow up, I want to work in recruitment?” We’re pretty sure not many (if any!!). To be a great recruiter takes a certain set of skills and attributes most of these cant be found on a CV. That’s why at TalentFunnel we do things differently. We test tenacity, proactivity, emotional intelligence and desire to get into our industry. TalentFunnel candidates are super keen, motivated individuals from a multitude of backgrounds who feel a career in recruitment is for them. How keen? Well, everyone who gets onto the platform has worked hard to get there. Were not an “upload your CV and hope for the best job board”

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Plans built to suit you

Whether you hire 1 or 50 people a year, we’ve got a pricing plan to suit you. From monthly pay as you go, through to annual contracts. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll be saving time and money versus your current way of hiring.

Our group consists of four businesses all with high demand for trainee recruiters. The TalentFunnel platform has allowed us to trust in the process and cut time to hire dramatically when interviewing and on-boarding new talent into our group.

Ross Bessell
Ross Bessell Co-Founder, Boss Professional Services


Best for growing businesses

Instant access to motivated candidates looking to build their recruitment careers, pre-screened, pre-assessed, bringing something different to your business.

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